Welcome to lumiere.lib.vt.edu!

The web server lumiere is maintained by the Digital Library & Archives group at the University Libraries at Virginia Tech.

This server houses a number of ongoing projects involving web-oriented databases, XML, scripting languages.

For more information about any of the resources you see here, please Contact DLA.

ETD Database sample server
The ETD-db is a set of scripts used to manage electronic theses and dissertations. This server is running a demonstration of the software. The link above will take you to a demonstration of the latest available version.
Survey Database
The survey database allows researchers, web administrators, and anyone else to create, manage, and present surveys over the web in a standard form. The results of each survey are presented on the fly, complete with pie charts, percentages, and totals.
Iawa Biographical Database
The IAWA Biographical Database is a resource for searching and browsing information about past and present women in the field of architecture.
Imagebase is a browsable/searchable database of images and related information (metadata). The current version of the database and original scripts were designed by Anthony Atkins, and are maintained by the Digital Library and Archives.
Newspaper Index
The news index is a searchable database of articles from local newspapers.
Link Checking
We are running a freeware link-checker called linbot that analyzes web sites for broken links, missing images, and a number of other common problems.